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UangMe Fintech Lending

Prodiving a safe, comfortable,
and reliable loan experience for you.

What is UangMe?

Licensed and regulated by OJK since 2018, UangMe is one of leading fintech platforms in Indonesia. UangMe allows you to freely enjoy funding or applying for loan for 30 days up to 6 months to pay back. Apply within 5 minutes, get the result within 1 minute and receive disbursement within 1 minute after. Audited by ISO27001, all your data and privacy are fully protected.

Fast process,
Simple steps

Get fast, reliable

online fund loans

that are

fast, trustworthy,

and legitimate with low interest rates and no collateral.

Loan Amount

Rp. 20,000,000

Loan Period

4 months

Monthly installment
Interest included


*Simulation above is only meant as example and not representing direct reference. More info about the loan can be checked within UangMe app.

Why Choose UangMe?

Paperless Application

Paperless Application

100% digital submission without
any offline document required.

5 minutes to complete application.

Faster Process

Faster Process

Within 1 minute, you can get
the approval result.

Faster Disbursement

Faster Disbursement

Simple transaction in 2 steps after approval

Within 1 minute, you can
receive the personal loan.

Higher limit, multiple payment choices

Higher limit, multiple payment choices

Limit up to 20 million

Easily choose payment term of
30 days or 3, 6-month installment.

Safe and Trusted

Safe and Trusted

Fully licensed and regulated by the
Financial Services Authority (OJK).

All data and privacy are strictly
protected by ISO27001.

Responsible and reliable fintech
platform since 2018.

Abundant Promos and Discounts

Abundant Promos and Discounts

Enjoy special promotions
and discounts.

Convenient Payment

Convenient Payment

Supporting On-line transfer,
ATM or Minimarket.

Financial Inclusive

Financial Inclusive

Awarded as 2020 world top 50
Inclusive Fintech.

uangme make life better

With AI and big data technology,
We can help improve the quality of life
of Indonesian people.

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UangMe Lender

Secure funding platform with economic benefit


Berizin dan Diawasi OJK

Kami telah memperoleh status berizin dan diawasi oleh Otoritas Jasa Keuangan Republik Indonesia sejak Januari 2021 dengan surat keputusan KEP-4/D.05/2021

Members of

afpifintechlaps ojk


Q1: How long is the verification process?
Q2: How do I know that my account verification process is success?
Q3: My verification is rejected. Am I eligible for another verification process?
Q4: Is my loan directly disbursed after my sucessful verification process?
Q5: What is the meaning of Credit Score?
Q6: How long is the process of fund disbursement to my bank account?
Q7: How do I know that the fund has been disbursed to my bank account?
Q8: When is the reset time of my loan limit?
Q9: Can I apply for second disbursement request before I completely paid off all of my first loan bill?
Q10: I have received the disbursement success SMS but I haven't received the fund yet on my bank account. What should I do?
Q11: Can I increase my loan limit?
Q12: Can I cancel my disbursement request?
Q13: Can I delete my data from UangMe?
Q14: What is the meaning by extra balance during my loan application?
Q15: Why I got 'You are not within the loan criteria' message during my loan application?
Q1: How long is the verification process?
The verification process is usually taking 1 - 3 days to complete. Please make sure that your phone number is active and you are available to be called by our verification team during that period so your verification process can run smoothly.


UangMe is the only peer-to-peer lending app owned by PT Uangme Fintek Indonesia, a company that is officially licensed in OJK by License Letter of KEP-4/D.05/2021. UangMe is not affiliated with other application or party which on purpose disguising as UangMe and offering loan service or any kinds of help in the name of UangMe.

We strongly advise our users to be careful for potential fraud & scam action and always re-check any kinds of offering or help that represents UangMe without using the official customer service channel of UangMe. We also suggest our users to not use illegal, unknown, or unregistered platforms. Any kinds of scam, fraud, or loss inflicted to the user due to user negligence is out of UangMe's jurisdiction & responsibility.

Please always use our official Customer Service channel for communication:


Phone: 021-5082 0086

Thank you for your attention!