Disclaimer Risk

1. Information Technology Based Lending and Borrowing Service is a civil agreement between the Lender and the Borrower, so that all risks arising from the agreement are borne entirely by each party.

2. Credit risk or default is borne entirely by the Lender. There is no state institution or authority responsible for the risk of this default.

3. The Operator with the approval of each User (Lender and / Borrower) accesses, obtains, saves, manages and / or uses the User's personal data ("Utilization of Data") on or inside objects, electronic devices (including smartphones or cellular phones, hardware or software, electronic documents, applications or electronic systems owned by Users or controlled by Users, by notifying the purpose, limits and mechanism of Utilizing such Data to the User concerned before obtaining an agreement intended.

4. Lender who does not have the knowledge and experience of lending and borrowing are advised not to use this service.

5. Borrower must consider the loan interest rate and other fees in accordance with the ability to repay the loan.

6. Every fraud is digitally recorded in cyberspace and can be known to the wider community on social media.

7. Users must read and understand this information before making a decision to become a Lender or Borrower.

8. The Government, in this case the Financial Services Authority, is not responsible for any violations or non-compliance by Users, both Lenders and Borrowers (either due to intentions or negligence of Users) to the provisions of legislation and agreements or agreements between Operator and Lender and / or Borrower.

9. Every loan lending transaction or activity or the implementation of an agreement regarding borrowing between or involving an Operator, Lender, and / or Borrower must be carried out through an escrow account and virtual account as required by the Financial Services Authority Regulation Number 77 / POJK.01 / 2016 concerning Information Technology-Based Lending and Borrowing Services and violations or non-compliance with the provisions constitute evidence of violation of law by the Operator so that the Operator must bear compensation suffered by each User as a direct result of violation of the aforementioned law without reducing Users rights who suffer losses according to the Civil Code.

PT Uangme Fintek Indonesia is a legal entity established under the Law of the Republic of Indonesia. Standing as a company that has been regulated by and under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in Indonesia, the Company provides interfacing services as liaison parties who provide loans and parties that need loans including funding from individuals, organizations and legal entities to certain individuals or legal entities. The company does not provide any form of advice or funding recommendations regarding the options in this site.

The content and material available on the UangMe website are intended to provide information and is not considered as an offer, request, invitation, suggestion, or recommendation to invest in securities, capital market products, or other financial services. Companies in providing services are limited to administrative functions.

Funding and loans placed in UangMe bank account are not and will not be considered as deposits held by the Company as stipulated in the Legislation concerning Banking in Indonesia. The company or any Director, Employee, Employee, Representative, Affiliate, or Agent does not have any responsibility related to any disturbances or problems that occur or are considered to occur due to the lack of preparation or publication of the material listed on the Company's website.

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Cash loans are issued directly to your bank account

You can borrow for up to 91 days and borrow up to 4 months The loan amount is PR. 600,000-PR.6,000,000 .The daily rate is 0.79%

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    Rapidly to get credit approved. You can get up to 6,000,000 Rp in hour.

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Q16: How long does it take to process a complaint?
Q1: Why I cannot do synchronization with my social media/e-commerce account on the "Additional Information" form although my accounts are valid?
The verification process is usually taking 1 - 3 days to complete. Please make sure that you are available to be called by our verification team during that period so your verification process can run smoothly.
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