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UangMe is now officially Licensed by OJK!

Thank you for trusting UangMe as your financial service platform, we will continue our mission to let more people equally access financial services.

UangMe Named to be Featured Fintechs in the Inclusive Fintech 50

Selected from 403 eligible participants from 111 countries

Licensed and OJK Supervised

We are licensed and being supervised by OJK since Jan 2021 with Statement Letter KEP-4/D.05/2021.


Agus Setiawan S

Office Worker

I noticed UangMe because the ratings and comments in the Play Store are mostly positives. When I used UangMe for the first time, I applied for the loan because my office payroll was late and I had some bills to pay. The registration process is not complicated and the approval is fast. The disbursement was also quick and went straight to my bank account. The interest rate is acceptable to me. I recommend people to use UangMe because its hassle-free, simple and has a quick approval time.

M. Reza Yuferian

Operation Supervisor

I knew about UangMe because my friend recommended it to me.I decided to apply for a loan in UangMe because I needed extra cash to pay for my child’s tuition fee. During the pandemic, UangMe also helped me get extra funds for my family’s daily needs as I had to work from home while suffering from a pay cut. So far, I only use UangMe because I don’t want to do complicated registration in another financial platform. The thing I like about UangMe is the disbursement time; it is really fast. Apart from that, the loan tenor and interest rate are also suitable for me. Thank you Uangme for being helpful!

Saiful Amin

Online Ojek Driver

I have been using UangMe for around 3 months now. I know about UangMe when I saw the online advertisement.I took a loan previously from UangMe because my wife was going to give birth to my son and I need extra cash for the medical fee. During the COVID, UangMe also helped me fund my family’s necessary expenditures. In my opinion, UangMe has a really simple registration process, especially for people like me. The interest isn’t high and sometimes you get an extension when your loan is due. Thank you UangMe for helping me.


Office Worker

My Name is Sartika, I've become a lender in UangMe for almost 1 year. I came to know about UangMe from a referral by a friend through a fintech exhibition. Till date, I satisfied with the service. Being a Lender on UangMe allowed me to gain from the economic benefits while having the flexibility to withdraw the funds with no additional fees (transfer fee). UangMe Lender’s relationship specialists are communicative, friendly and fast to respond whenever there is a problem.

Numan Al Ghussayiri

Office Worker

I have been using UangMe for about 4 months now. I came across UangMe while browsing the Google Play Store for financial apps. I tried to apply on UangMe because I had an urgent need back then which required extra funds. During the pandemic, UangMe also helped me pay for my daily expenses.UangMe’s response is quick and I had no issues with loan application thus far.

Suryadi Wirja

Office Worker

I’m a UangMe lender since September 2019. I came to know about UangMe Lender application from Youtube. TKB90 UangMe is good. The rate is competitive enough and the product is flexible. I hope that in the future, UangMe is still secure and there's an interesting bonus depends on customer's lending amount.





UangMe is the only peer-to-peer lending app owned by PT Uangme Fintek Indonesia, a company that is officially registered in OJK by Registration Letter of S-584/NB.213/2018. UangMe is not affiliated with other application or party which on purpose disguising as UangMe and offering loan service or any kinds of help in the name of UangMe.

We strongly advice our users to be careful for potential fraud & scam action and always re-check any kinds of offering or help that represents UangMe without using the official customer service channel of UangMe. We also suggest our users to not use illegal, unknown, or unregistered platforms. Any kinds of scam, fraud, or loss inflicted to the user due to user negligence is out of UangMe’s jurisdiction & responsibility.

Please always use our official Customer Service channel for communication:


Phone: 021-5082 0086

Thank you for your attention!