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UangMe Collaborates with RTmart, Provides Paylater Service for MSMEs
OFFICIAL, UangMe has been granted a license from OJK!
UangMe named to be a featured Fintechs in the Inclusive Fintech 50 in 2020

UangMe Collaborates with RTmart, Provides Paylater Service for MSMEs

Fintech P2P lending UangMe collaborates with RTmart to provide easy access for capital through delayed payment or paylater schemes

Written by Aziz Rahardyan via ( October 25, 2021 | 15.13 WIB., JAKARTA - MSME business owners who have joined the digital ecosystem can grow through access to appropriate capital, which is through the delayed payment scheme or Paylater. This was revealed in a virtual discussion made by peer-to-peer lending platform PT Uangme Fintek Indonesia (UangMe) with e-commerce platform as well as the distribution network of Indonesian RTmart Group ( at the FIN Expo Bulan Inklusi Keuangan 2021, Monday (25 /10/2021). Momog Irnawan, President Director of RTmart explained that it was a dream to partner with UangMe as an financial institution to promote the businesses of MSME business owner.

However, in order to be more effective and not burdensome to business owner, access to credit is directly in the form of payments for goods needed for stock.

"This collaboration is not delivered through online cashloan, but in the form of paylater. So what we give to business owners, stalls or shops as our merchants is not money, but direct goods," he said. The reason is, RTmart sees one of the mistakes of MSME merchants when the distributor arrives from 'grocery'. And then, with limited cash and an immature business strategy, the expenditures generated by MSMEs are sometimes not optimal and effective. Therefore, as a platform that connects more than 16,000 merchants with more than 39,000 consumers and 5 leading FMCG distributors, RTmart will provide the assistance and access needed on all fronts, hopefully that MSME players will be easier and more efficient in developing their business.

"We help thoroughly, starting from finding the item, size, good prices for shopping, including selling prices. In particular, we want the education of MSME owners not to be too excessive. Because we see that many MSMEs are bankrupt because they have a habit as long as there are sales visits, they will buy. We will help with screening, so that the outgoing capital is optimal," he added. And then, the RTmart platform can also be used to increase consumers connected to the platform, as well as simplify distribution networks because the platform already has logistics infrastructure in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, and Manado, and development in East Java & Bali. Vincent Jaya Saputra, President Director of UangMe explained that paylater access on the RTmart platform is not only available for merchants, but also consumers. Paylater access is especially useful for optimizing cash flow when there is a sudden need at the end of the month. Paylater can be considered more effective because it directly leads to the need that is needed, unlike cash loans which can 'tempt' users to use their money for other things.

"Because we are aware that the P2P platform cannot work alone. Uangme wants to cooperate with RTMart because we see that we have the same vision, to serve the needs of the community during the hard times, while at the same time facilitating MSME businesses in Indonesia," he explained. For your information, UangMe is a P2P lending fintech licensed by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) with an accumulated loan performance of Rp4.85 trillion, contributed Rp662 billion throughout 2021, with an extraordinary remaining Rp313 billion, and the success of the 90-day approach (TKB90) remained at 100 percent.

Editor : Azizah Nur Alfi

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