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Compliance operation
Compliance operation

Funds are held in BNI Bank

According to OJK regulations, we have become partner with BNI bank. The user funds are completely safe, the capital flow is clear, and the use of funds is transparent.

Member of Financial Technology Industry Association

We have joined the Indonesian Financial Industry Association and become a member unit, complying with the industry self-discipline rules and regulations, and jointly creating industry development.

Risk Control

strict control of borrower qualification, parallel risk control mechanism

efficient risk early warning mechanism, predicts the risk in the first place and prevent problems before they occur.

Information Security
Information Security

Protecting the information security aspect through the ISO 27001 information security system certification

Real-time remote disaster preparation mechanism, second level switching, ensure user data security and system stability

Server hosted in Aliyun cloud service, global computer room deployment three-layer firewall security protection

Unique encryption storage technology, user core privacy data desensitization storage, protect user privacy.